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The Peter Hurni Jazz Ensemble Trio, Quartet and Quintet

Whether representing a Trio, Quartet, or Quintet, The Peter Hurni Jazz Ensemble is your choice for quality Jazz, Latin, Afro Cuban and Jazz - Funk for private functions and concert performances.

JazzImpact - Fusion & GrooveThe Band Jazz

Impact Quartet or Quintet represent the styles of Fusion, Groove, Brazilian jazz, Latin, and Afro-Cuban. Featuring Peter Hurni.

Freelance Artist

Over the past decade Peter has worked with Boro Vukadinovic, Boris Relja, Predrag Bankovic, Pat Belliveau, Al Muirhead, Jeremy Coates, Al Vance, Ralf Buschmeyer, Bob Day, Cindy McLeod, Glenn Yorga, Brent Wright, Derek Stoll, Brian Sharron, Ed Barlow, Ken Shoults, Bobby Van, Dave Edgar, Steve Bridgett, Gary Sill, Lonie Moger, Theresa Storwick, Brian Chellas, Chris Bradley, Ben Miles, MaryAnne Camaiani, Keith Day, Peter Clark, Peter Manley, France Bischoff, John Gray, John Hyde, Rob Vause, John Roggensack, Simon Fisk, Sheldon Zandboer, Ian Clayton, Steve Williams, Dave Steckenreiter, Burnis Stubbs, Dylan Haveron, Egor Ukoloff, Jory Kinjo, Russell Broom, Gib Monks, Paul Ashwell, Tracey Wilkins, Greg Prior, Brian Sharron, Jeremy Brown, Allistair Elliott, Johnny Summers, Richard Harding...

Available for session, studio work and "subbing".

Peter Hurni
: 403.607.2911
: [email protected]

Drum classes from
Beginner to Advanced

  • Theory
  • Rhythmic & Polyrhythmic Training
  • Ear Training
  • Sight Reading
  • Technique, Stick Control, Rudiments
  • Advanced Independent & Technique Applications
  • Advanced Drum Concepts
  • Play-Along
  • Composition
  • Exam Preparations
  • Tuning and Maintenance
  • Supplies and Repertoire

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